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Summer Wear

July 26, 2017

When I lived in San Francisco with the chilly summer weather, I rarely went without socks, a scarf and a sweater. Now in L.A., I lounge in t-shirts and sandals most of the year. What item of clothing do you covet most in the warmer months?

Illustration by Marc Johns

Self Care with Blueberry Muffins

July 25, 2017

For someone previously addicted to sugar, I’ve done a pretty good job of eliminating most of it from my life. But on Sundays I indulge this former habit by eating something sweet with a cup of tea. Regular FPS readers will know that being single and living alone has not stopped my desire for good food. And I spend lots of time in the kitchen cooking for myself. (Who better, I say! ) I’ve adopted a strategy of making big batches of things, then storing them in small portions in the freezer for later. So here’s my latest – blueberry muffins pulled minutes ago from the oven. This is a new recipe and I’m excited to taste one this weekend. Only wishing you could join me!

The Illusion of Love

July 24, 2017

Italian illustrator Andrea Ucini has an incredible collection of work in which he tells stories in one frame. This is titled “The Illusion Love” and I think it’s perfect.

Golden Hour

July 21, 2017

Happy weekend!

Sunset Red 88 by Andy Warhol



Summer Fun?

July 20, 2017


Illustration by Adam J Kurtz


Tuning In or Tuning Out?

July 19, 2017

Yesterday, I spoke with a civic-minded friend who is no longer following the news. He lets his spouse fill him in when something big happens. Post election, my friend found himself spending hours a day consumed with politics, and it was taking a toll on his work and well being. I understand this completely. I walk around enraged and distracted, but I can’t look away. How are you handling the consumption of current events?

Illustration by Marc Johns

Palette Cleanser

July 18, 2017

Key Lime Pie, one of my favorite summer desserts, captured in a painting by Nancy Featherston


Staying Connected

July 17, 2017

On Sundays, I go to the Farmer’s Market, catch up on emails that I’ve been neglecting, cook a big pot of something (particularly in the winter) and do laundry. I love my Sundays, which I often spend alone. But this Sunday, I was invited to a brunch to watch the Men’s Finals at Wimbledon with a group of people who are mostly acquaintances. I don’t care that much about tennis, and it was going to throw me off my routine, so I considered declining. It’s easy to stay safe in our ruts. But I pushed myself out of the nest and ending up having a great time. Laundry can wait.

Photo by Benedetto Demaio

It’s Surreal

July 14, 2017

Enjoy. Happy weekend!

Perfect, As Is

July 13, 2017

As a young adult, and even deep into my thirties, I was told by “well-intentioned” friends that I was too much, and that it impacted my attractiveness to men. I imagined them whispering with each other, “that’s why she’s still single.” And the worst part was I never understood what I could do to remedy it, except become a different person. 

Illustration from this isn’t happiness