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End of Week Zen

August 28, 2015


Indoor garden with fig tree by Yuliya

What Do You Love?

August 27, 2015


Yesterday was National Dog Day and friends all over Facebook were posting photos of themselves smitten with their hounds. I understand why. There’s hardly a stronger bond than the one with our pets. But I have other ardor to spread around, too. There’s new and old friends, ballet class, Claudia Rankine (don’t miss her profile on Serena Williams), summer tomatoes, going to the movies by myself on a Sunday morning, the artwork of Geoff McFetridge, bolognese sauce, orchids and Stephen Colbert. And of course, there’s you. What makes your top 10 list?

Photo from newyorkshitty


You Are Strong, Powerful and Beautiful

August 26, 2015

Serena Williams

This bomber jacket is part of The Greatness Collection designed by Serena Williams, which will include her message, “you are strong, powerful and beautiful” on the lining.



August 25, 2015

Steve Lambert

Art by Steve Lambert

Advice to Your Younger Self

August 24, 2015

Please watch this to the end. And tell us what advice you’d give to your younger self.
(My advice: Don’t lie at the beach without sunscreen.)

Tempus Fugit

August 21, 2015


What are you doing for fun this weekend?

Photo by Nguan



Amen, Sister!

August 20, 2015

Lee Crutchley

Illustration by Lee Crutchley

Do You Floss?

August 19, 2015

Leonhard Hurzlmeier


Dentist Getting Ready by Leonhard Hurzlmeier

Civic Engagement

August 18, 2015

Lee Crutchley

In Los Angeles, there is an online interface for residents to request city services, like bulky item pickups, graffiti removal and pot hole repairs. There’s even a phone app. In April, I reported a ficus hedge down the block that an owner had allowed to get so overgrown, it engulfed the sidewalk, forcing pedestrians onto a dirt parkway. It took 4 months and 12 follow-up phone calls, but it finally got trimmed today. Civic engagement takes patience, but it works.

Illustration by Lee Crutchley


Lift Your Spirits

August 17, 2015

Rachel Levit Ruiz

My parents had a fancy built-in bar in their basement, but it was mostly for show. They hardly drank and there were decades-old liquor bottles ensconced on the shelves crusted over from lack of use. I learned the pleasure of cocktails from my foodie friends in San Francisco. And I’m grateful to them. Many regular readers know of my fondness for (super dry) vodka martinis. But I’m always on the hunt for good spirits. What’s your favorite?

Illustration by Rachel Levit Ruiz