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Snapshot from my Younger Self

December 11, 2017

Chart by Matt Shirley

Grateful to Be Here

December 8, 2017

Late this afternoon, on my hands and knees, I scoured a thin layer of soot from my patio floor. It was a cleansing experience after a harrowing week.

Installation by Kameelah Janan Rasheed


The Essentials

December 7, 2017

A neighbor who lives across the hall with her 12 year-old daughter, knocked on my door in a panic. She was worried that we would have to evacuate because of the fires and had already packed a bag. My anxiety hadn’t reached that pitch, but it did get me to thinking about what items I would grab if we had to flee. Apart from my dog and iPhone, would I make time to pull a favorite pair of shoes, jeans or that photo of me and my parents from 40 years ago? What’s on your most treasured list?

Painting by Jana Rayne MacDonald

Holding Our Breath in L.A.

December 6, 2017

My neighborhood is not under threat, but the winds are picking up again and everyone is anxious. The air is foul. These are scary times.

Photo by Genaro Molina/LA Times

Put This On Your Movie List

December 5, 2017

This past Sunday afternoon, I took myself to the movies to see Ladybird. At the center of the story is a fraught mother-daughter relationship. And though it didn’t precisely mirror the fraught relationship I had with my mother, it rang true. I’m betting the film will be nominated for Best Picture, and I’m hoping the very talented writer/director Greta Gerwig will get a nomination, as well. Don’t miss it.

Seasonal Indulgences

December 4, 2017

I’m no longer sure why or when I started buying Panettone for the holidays. But the Italian sweet bread has become such a fixture in my December kitchen that I can’t imagine getting through the fraught month without it. Similar to tomatoes, the Panettone season is limited, so I try to stock up and take advantage when it’s around. Just seeing the colorful box cheers me up. What’s your traditional holiday indulgence?

Peppermint Swirl Meltdown sculpture by Desire Obtain Cherish

End of Week Zen

December 1, 2017

Give yourself a break today. You deserve it. 

Illustration by Lisa Congdon

Let There Be Lights

November 30, 2017


Photo of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree by Andres Kudacki/AP 

Breakfast of Champions

November 29, 2017

Portrait by Enora Lalet

Benefits of Unconditional Love

November 28, 2017

For years, I’ve been railing against studies that indicate married people live longer than single people. Finally, here’s one study I can fully endorse –

Cartoon by Harry Bliss