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Positive Audacity

July 20, 2018

FPS readers know this routine. For 24 hours starting at sunset every Friday, I try and get myself into an aspirational mood. Using my faith tradition as a framework, I put hope in the forefront and negativity in the parking lot. It’s requires a lot of mental jujitsu, maybe never as much as now. But it kinda works. Here’s to what’s possible for all of us!

Dandelion note card by Peter Dahmen

What’s for Dinner?

July 19, 2018

On a balmy summer night, I’m eating homemade baba ganoush and grilled red peppers on pita bread. And of course, a martini. How about you?

Playing With Your Food by Adam Hillman

Cost Per Wear

July 18, 2018


Painting by Sophie Treppendahl

It’s Only Tuesday?

July 17, 2018

Photo by Andy Morris

A Single Manifesto

July 16, 2018

Punk legend Viv Albertine on Fresh Air today:

“I don’t intend to enter into any more relationships. I absolutely have had it and I’m pleased and feel privileged to be in that situation because I’m solvent. I have a very interesting life.

I have a daughter. I have my imagination. I have friends. I, in no way, am going to louse that up with some idiot man, frankly. They drag you down — I’m talking about my generation of men. Ok, I’m sure out there there are some good ones, and I say in the book, either I can’t pick a good one or there aren’t any around. Either way, I’m out. …

I really think it’s a complete and utter con. I feel sorry for girls getting caught up in it and still thinking they have to define themselves and their success by being in a relationship, straight women, straight girls, by being in a heterosexual relationship or being in any relationship as if that’s in any way a mark of what kind of successful human being you are.”

Heading for Shade

July 13, 2018

Beach umbrellas by Malika Favre

Stuff We Take for Granted

July 12, 2018

Since the triple digit heat wave arrived last week, there have been scattered power outages throughout the city. That thought would send a chill up my spine if it wasn’t so damn hot. During these dog days of summer, I’m taking a moment to have gratitude for electricity and a central A.C. What’s something you don’t want to take for granted?

Watercolor q tips by Adam Hillman

Stop the Presses

July 11, 2018

These days, one of the pleasures that I can count on is following the Instagram feed of Pete Souza, former White House photographer for President Obama. Souza has just announced his new book SHADE, and I can’t wait!


July 10, 2018

I recently heard the term, “procrastibake,” and it makes perfect sense to me. It’s using baking as a delay tactic, when there’s something more important to do. I procrastibake during tax season, I procrastibake when I’m trying to write. Baking is immersive and demanding. You can ruin a delicate cake or soufflé with an extra 60 seconds in the oven. It keeps me glued to the kitchen, which is often my happiest place to be. Do you have the equivalent of “procrastibake” in your life?

Painting by Nancy Featherston

Advice To Self Tonight

July 9, 2018

Illustration by Adam J Kurtz