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End of Week Zen

October 21, 2016

Adam Hillman

Wishing you all a sweet weekend.

Photo by Adam Hillman



Sweltering in L.A.

October 20, 2016

Noma Bar

96 degrees today. Is it sweater weather where you are?

Illustration by Noma Bar

What’s Your Plan?

October 19, 2016

Lisa CongdonAs a Career change Coach, I come in contact with people who are at a crossroad. They know they need a change, but aren’t sure exactly how to get there. By reaching out to me, they’ve already taken the first step. One of my deepest held values is the importance of having passion in your life. It doesn’t have to be experienced during romantic love or on the job. Maybe it’s running a 10K or baking the perfect chocolate chip cookie, tending the new growth in your garden or volunteering to get out the vote. If you’re wondering whether there’s enough passion in your life, what’s your plan?

If changing careers is on your to-do list, check out my latest blog post on how to improve your resume by answering one simple question.

Illustration by Lisa Congdon

True Love

October 18, 2016

Noma Bar


Illustration by Noma Bar

Public Transportation Envy

October 17, 2016

Mark Hartman

Growing up in NYC, taking the bus and subway was a part of everyday life. Now in Los Angeles, I spend far too much time in my car. The situation is starting to improve here. We have a new Metro line, and another is under construction. What’s your relationship to public transportation?

F Train by Mark Hartman

Weekend Plans

October 14, 2016

Thomas Danthony

Single and not much on the calendar this weekend. Homemade chicken soup for dinner. It’s all good. How about you?

Illustration by Thomas Danthony

New Nobel Laureate for Literature

October 13, 2016


After I write each post for this blog, I select a category in which to file it. I created these categories years ago, and they include: daily life, myths and stereotypes, foodstuff, excursions and a final catchall, “what gets me through the day.” During this scorched-earth political campaign, I feel more in need of comfort than ever. When I awoke to the news of Bob Dylan receiving the Nobel Prize for literature, it gave me a boost.

1963 photo of Bob Dylan by William C. Eckenberg.


Nectar of the Gods

October 11, 2016


Once a year, I make Rugelach a delicious pastry that evokes my Eastern European roots. It’s very labor intensive, but worth the effort. It will be my contribution to “break fast,” an aptly named annual meal that takes place in Jewish households around the globe following the 25 hour period that we abstain from food. I’m looking forward to diving into these tomorrow evening. Back at FPS on Thursday.

Signs of Fall

October 10, 2016

Jens Meyer

L.A. weather is hovering in the mid eighties as pumpkins make their appearance in stores. What’s your favorite thing about autumn?

Photo by Jens Meyer

Days of Awe

October 7, 2016


This is the stretch of time on the Jewish calendar known as the Days of Awe. I try to remember that as I’m coping with petty annoyances – from the snarl of L.A. traffic to being on hold for an hour with the cable company. To be honest, it mostly doesn’t work as a reference point. But every now and then I do feel a wave of gratitude for scoring another day on the planet.

Wishing you all an awesome weekend.

Illustration by Marc Johns