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Daily Pleasure of Tomato Season

August 19, 2014

Emily Blincoe

I wait all year for cherry tomatoes. I’m patient and won’t buy them until the really sweet ones arrive in the market, and then they’re a fixture on my kitchen counter. For dinner on Sunday, I roasted them in a 300 degree for an hour and a half, having prepped them first with salt, pepper and drizzles of olive oil. I did this with confidence after reading in the wonderful cookbook by Dorie Greenspan, “don’t let having good tomatoes stop you from roasting them – the time in the oven only makes them better.” Indeed!

Photo by Emily Blincoe


Sweet Indulgences

August 18, 2014

Boyoun Kim.Secret Pleasures

Inspired by Julia Child, for my dinner party last night in honor of a friend’s birthday, I cooked decadent food. Mini cream puffs stuffed with goat cheese, a French pot roast with mashed potatoes and chocolate lava cake for dessert. The guests seemed satisfied. Every once in awhile, you just have to go for it.

Secret Pleasure by Boyoun Kim


The Magnificent Julia Child

August 15, 2014

Julia Child, one of my goddesses, would’ve been 102 today. While prepping for a dinner party this Sunday, it’s good to be reminded of her no-nonsense advice:

The young hostess should be advised never to say anything about what she serves, in the way of ‘Oh, I don’t know how to cook, and this may be awful,’ or ‘poor little me,’ or ‘this didn’t turn out’…etc.etc. It is so dreadful to have to reassure one’s hostess that everything is delicious, whether or not it is. I make it a rule, no matter what happens, never to say one word, though it kills me. Maybe the cat has fallen in the stew, or I have put the lettuce out the window and it has frozen, or the meat is not quite done…Grit one’s teeth and smile.


Make ‘Em Laugh

August 14, 2014

Junior Fritz Jaquet

At times, I catch a glimpse of my face reflected in my iPhone and I look so grumpy. It’s frightening. Maybe it’s just the angle making my features droop. In any case, it’s a wake up call to smile more.

Masks made from toilet paper rolls by Junior Fritz Jacquet


Looks Can Be Deceiving

August 13, 2014

Lydia Davis

This is the entire text of the story Housekeeping Observation by Lydia Davis.

Robin Williams, thanks for everything!

August 12, 2014

“I used to think the worst thing in life is to end up all alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone.”  - Robin Williams, 1952 – 2014

Kicking Back

August 11, 2014

Marine Girls.Virginie Morgand

Home soon.

Marine Girls by Virginie Morgand

End of Week Zen

August 8, 2014

Lisa Congdon

Here’s to finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Happy weekend!

Illustration by Lisa Congdon

Where Do You Fit?

August 7, 2014

Dietary restrictions.Michelle Rial

Bottom middle near the cronut and chicken and waffles. Only a few days left to enter our contest.

Dietary Restrictions by Michelle Rial


What Are You Putting Off?

August 6, 2014

Michael Mulvey

It has taken me too many years to revisit my brother’s home by the lake. I get so entrenched in the city. Finally, tomorrow, I’m off to bask in nature on the other coast. I might not respond as quickly as usual to your comments and my posts will be brief. But I’ll be refreshed and back next week.

Andy Warhol via MIchael Mulvey