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Do You Prefer the Classics for Thanksgiving?

November 26, 2014


With the luxury of a Trader Joe’s within walking distance, I decided to take my chances and stroll over for some last minute items. It was a madhouse, but an upbeat one. Everyone was chatting in line. We had a common purpose.



What Makes For a Good Match?

November 25, 2014

Lucy Laucht Roger Ebert once said, “never marry someone who doesn’t love the movies you love. Sooner or later, that person will leave you.” How important is shared cultural taste as a barometer for compatibility? Photo by Lucy Laucht

Tears for Ferguson

November 24, 2014

Charlie Riedel:AP

“A system cannot fail those it was never built to protect.” – W.E.B. Du Bois

Photo by Charlie Riedel/AP


November 21, 2014


This afternoon, I sat in a room in City Hall with immigrant families and other activists who have been working for years to fix a broken system. We sat elbow to elbow watching President Obama on TV, as he laid out his executive action that will enable 5 million people to come out of the shadows without fear of deportation. Every now and then there is tangible progress, and it’s almost always because of collective effort. Today was one of those awesome days!

Illustration by Jean Jullien


The Brilliant Mike Nichols, RIP

November 20, 2014

At a Lincoln Center tribute to Mike Nichols, his longtime friend and comic partner, Elaine May said: “So he’s witty, he’s brilliant, he’s articulate, he’s on time, he’s prepared and he writes,” she said. “But is he perfect? He knows you can’t really be liked or loved if you’re perfect. You have to have just enough flaws. And he does. Just the right, perfect flaws to be absolutely endearing.”

What’s one of your favorite Mike Nichols’ films?

Never Forget

November 19, 2014


Photo from newyorkshitty


November 18, 2014

Stefan Brüggemann

As gift giving season approaches, I’ve been dreaming of a flame-colored cast iron dutch oven from Le Creuset. It’s become something of an obsession. There’s nothing in my kitchen up to the task of going from searing on the stovetop to a 500 degree oven. I know of cheaper brands, but I’m aching for the real thing. What are you lusting after?

Art by Stefan Brüggemann


Dirty, Little Secrets

November 17, 2014


My new housekeeper is finicky and that’s how it should be. After she cleans a place that’s hard to reach – the top of kitchen cabinets, the bedroom ceiling fan, the dryer stacked above the washing machine, she shakes her head and (channeling my mother) tells me, “it was very, very dirty.” In preparation for her visits, I tidy up, shoving stray items of clothing or office debris behind closed doors or inside drawers, hoping she won’t open them and discover I’m a mess.

The Secret Life of Heroes by Grégoire-Guillemin

End of Week Zen

November 14, 2014


Happy weekend!

Illustration from designcrush

New Favorite Cookie Recipe

November 13, 2014

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

A few weeks ago, I tried this Cooks Illustrated recipe for the first time, and the cookies were fabulous. A slam dunk! You (and any fortunate recipients) will drool. Continue reading »