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Deep Pleasures of Alone Time

July 24, 2014

Lizzy Stewart

Artwork by Lizzy Stewart. Check out her blog, Solo

Vive Les Carbs

July 23, 2014

René Magritte, ‘L’avenir’ (1936)



Painting by René Magritte

Mopping Up

July 22, 2014

Andrea Wan

This week my patio is being retiled. I’ve employed a well-intentioned contractor who does a cursory cleaning at the end of each shift, but there’s still a thin layer of dust clinging to the floors and countertops. I’m trying to relax about it, but I hate feeling the grit on my feet. And my dog is tracking it everywhere. I’ve been wiping things down with a damp cloth. I feel like my mother.

Illustration by Andrea Wan


Good Advice

July 21, 2014

1940s.Ben Wiseman

Before you marry a person you should first make them use a computer with slow internet to see who they really are.

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Illustration: Ben Wiseman


End of Week Zen

July 18, 2014

WitchoriaImage from Witchoria

Elaine Stritch, RIP

July 17, 2014

Hang in there with this behind the scenes look at Stephen Sondheim’s 1970 musical, Company, featuring the incomparable Elaine Strich. Broadway lights will be dimmed tomorrow in her honor. I was a huge fan.

“We Have a Liftoff”

July 16, 2014



45 years ago today, Neil Armstrong and Apollo 11 crew head out for their launch to the moon.
(AP Photo/file)


I’m in Love with my Auto Mechanic

July 15, 2014

9 Wrenches.Johanna Inman.things organized neatlyRecently, the wood veneer covering my gear shift started cracking and the mechanic checked into the price of the repair. He was almost embarrassed to tell me that the part alone, called a gear shift selector, would cost $350. “That’s ridiculous,” he said. So the mechanic took the time to comb through auto sites to find something cheaper. His shop mostly services the neighborhood and I often pass it while walking the dog. We all wave hello.

9 Wrenches by Johanna Inman


Date Wear

July 14, 2014

Craig Hickman

The other day, I was talking to a friend of mine about an upcoming blind date. Somehow we got on the topic of wardrobe, and he chimed in, “don’t dress up. Just wear what you would when we go to the movies.” I followed his advice with jeans and a t-shirt. (Awesome jeans and t-shirt, I must say.) The date evoked no chemistry, but at least I was comfortable.

Photo by Craig Hickman

End of Week Zen

July 11, 2014

Lisa Congdon.Pericles

My father was my hero. A modest, gentle man, he took whatever life dished out with grace. On the occasions when I’m feeling angry about how life is treating me, I try to channel his spirit. He had a smile and a thank you, almost literally until his last breath. Who are your everyday heroes?

Illustration by Lisa Congdon