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Dancing into Labor Day

September 4, 2015

Martin Whatson

Three-day weekends can make me uneasy, especially when I haven’t done enough social planning. It helps to have at least one anchor to count on. In my case, it’s Westside ballet studio, which is open every holiday except for Christmas. On most long weekends, I take a Monday morning ballet class. Just knowing it’s there, gives my holiday a boost. What’s your anchor?

Mural by Martin Watson

Be Kind to Yourself While You Problem Solve

September 3, 2015

Marc Johns

It’s hard to know the answer until you do.

Illustration by Marc Johns

Is This a Good or a Bad Thing?

September 2, 2015

When I'm Alone, I think

What do you think?



Holding on to Summer

September 1, 2015


At the farmer’s market yesterday, I felt the urgency to buy a cantaloupe. Hardly a day goes by when I don’t eat a tomato. Over the weekend, I made myself gazpacho. These are the culinary pleasures of summer that I’m savoring for as long as I can. It’s already September and I’m getting whiplash.

photo from things organized neatly

The Late, Great, Oliver Sacks

August 31, 2015
Oliver Sacks, New York City, 2000

Oliver Sacks, New York City, 2000

With a deep sigh, I woke up yesterday to the news of Oliver Sacks’ passing. Like many who had read his riveting OpEd about his terminal illness, we knew this was coming. I’d become familiar with his work through pieces in The New Yorker, but it was fascinating to recently learn about his personal life. He was a closeted gay man who didn’t publically come out until this year. I particularly loved this detail shared by the Times that after 35 years of celibacy and “at a certain distance from life,” Dr. Sacks writes about unexpectedly falling in love — “(for God’s sake!) I was in my 77th year” –  which required giving up “the habits of a lifetime’s solitude,” like decades of meals that consisted mostly of cereal or sardines, eaten “out of the tin, standing up, in 30 seconds.”

End of Week Zen

August 28, 2015


Indoor garden with fig tree by Yuliya

What Do You Love?

August 27, 2015


Yesterday was National Dog Day and friends all over Facebook were posting photos of themselves smitten with their hounds. I understand why. There’s hardly a stronger bond than the one with our pets. But I have other ardor to spread around, too. There’s new and old friends, ballet class, Claudia Rankine (don’t miss her profile on Serena Williams), summer tomatoes, going to the movies by myself on a Sunday morning, the artwork of Geoff McFetridge, bolognese sauce, orchids and Stephen Colbert. And of course, there’s you. What makes your top 10 list?

Photo from newyorkshitty


You Are Strong, Powerful and Beautiful

August 26, 2015

Serena Williams

This bomber jacket is part of The Greatness Collection designed by Serena Williams, which will include her message, “you are strong, powerful and beautiful” on the lining.



August 25, 2015

Steve Lambert

Art by Steve Lambert

Advice to Your Younger Self

August 24, 2015

Please watch this to the end. And tell us what advice you’d give to your younger self.
(My advice: Don’t lie at the beach without sunscreen.)