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Happy Birthday Michelle Obama

January 17, 2020

Portrait by Amy Sherald in the Smithsonian Institution

Ginger Snap

January 16, 2020


Photo by Sarah Illenberger

Sweating the Small Stuff

January 15, 2020

Here in Los Angeles, where driving is a task of fury, I totally get this gripe. In fact, it happened to me today.

Chart by Matt Shirley

Women Win

January 14, 2020

I want to wake up in a world where a woman is U.S. president and another wins the Oscar for Best Director.


Looking Back Looking Forward

January 13, 2020

A few days before the Today Show clip aired, the producer texted that she needed images from my past to fill out the segment, and she needed them fast. Frantically, I searched through my sparse collection of photos and the best I could come up with is the spread in The Washington Post from almost 8 years ago, all about the single life. Wow, what a blast to see those again.

Illustration by Michael Dumontier and Neal Farber

End of (Today Show) Week Zen

January 10, 2020

Thanks for all the love and support this week. I really needed it!

Photo by Lucia Litman

Today Show Afterglow

January 9, 2020

Very exciting! Thanks for all your support. Here’s the clip:

Today Show Coming Soon

January 8, 2020

I woke up this morning to a text from my brother (on the East Coast) about seeing me on the Today Show. I nervously awaited the airing here in California. And to my frustration, it was preempted because of the president’s remarks on Iran. 

Today’s Mantra

January 7, 2020

Image by Wendy MacNaughton


January 5, 2020

Cartoon by Kim Warp