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Do You Have an Emergency Plan?

I hope everyone is safe and dry. My heart aches for the people on the East Coast whose lives have been impacted by Sandy. I’ve been thinking about that earthquake kit I never put together and whom I’d want to hunker down with in case of a natural catastrophe. Do you have a plan? Who would you call?

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4 comments for “Do You Have an Emergency Plan?”

  1. Mandy says:

    I have no plan other than to call my dear mother and sister who are both on the either side of the world from me but who have endless reserves of patience and the gift of being able to talk me down from any crisis no matter how big or small. I am very grateful to have them in my life.

    • wendy says:

      Last month, I returned from dinner to find my building being evacuated for a small fire in the garage. It was around 11 PM, and I called my dear friend who immediately said, “come over and sleep here.” That helped me feel safe.

  2. Jalina says:

    Where I live in Virginia we got a lot of rain and wind. Fortunately we did not lose power while the storm was raging. I made sure I had plenty of batteries and water in case of power loss and filled my car’s gas tank in case I had to skedaddle. I had food to eat and packed the freezer with extra water/ice to keep it cold for as long as possible in the case the power went out. I’m glad I replaced the sump pump in my house this summer…and I plan on saving up for its own generator. I can deal with food spoiling, but not water damage. My friends are scattered across town, so we keep in touch to make sure we are all right. When I lived in Maryland and we got hit with a horrible ice storm, I went to a shelter to keep warm (my apartment was 50* by the time I left due to the lack of power). I always keep tuned to the weather and make plans well in advance.

    • wendy says:

      I’m so glad to hear everything’s okay where you are, Jalina. It sounds like you are very prepared. When I lived in San Francisco, my friends and I had a plan that we would meet in a nearby park, if a big earthquake hit. But San Francisco is a relatively small city, and we all lived close to each other. In L.A., it would be much more difficult, but I’d still want to try to be with friends in a crisis, if possible.

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