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For years, when living with a profusely shedding cat, I got used to removing my nice clothes as soon as I walked into the house. I might have set a record for how quickly I could disrobe and get into my sweats. Now my live-in companion is a Bichon-Poodle who never sheds, and still, I can’t wait to peel off into something casual and loose. I’m in awe of women with elegant loungewear. Mine is one step up from scruffy.

Laurette in Green Robe is part of a Matisse exhibit opening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


5 comments for “Loungewear”

  1. Kate M. says:

    Remember when Liz Taylor’s estate went to auction at Christies a few years ago? She had fabulous caftans which in my mind are the ultimate in elegant loungewear.

  2. Stacey says:

    I’ve always lounged around in t-shirts and sweatpants or yoga pants. Last year for Christmas, one of my cousins gave me something fancier to lounge around in – it’s silky with lace – and it’s something I would have NEVER bought for myself. But I like it a lot – it’s comfortable, and it makes me feel pretty. I just make sure I don’t pick up the cat when I’m wearing it.

  3. Jalina says:

    I have a wonderful spa robe to lounge about in!!!

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