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Jury Duty!

Olivia SteeleArtwork by Olivia Steele


5 comments for “Jury Duty!”

  1. Lew says:

    Hey Wendy:

    Don’t be so quick to diss jury duty. I was on a jury back in ’99 and end up with a job (I heard someone, during one of the interminable breaks talking on a primitive cell phone about my industry so I introduced myself and 2 months later, voila!) and a girlfriend (I dated juror #11–don’t worry, we didn’t start to date until after the trial was over). OK, we weren’t right for each other but I’m still glad we dated. So, you never know!

    • wendy says:

      Wow. Lew. That’s networking. I dated a guy once that I met in traffic school. He was a prominent brain surgeon, and not the kind of person I expected to run into, in that setting. So you’re right about staying open and flexible in all situations. I have to you tell, though, the Superior Court in Los Angeles is really a depressing place. I’m glad to have been sprung!

  2. Lola says:

    Wendy – this is so funny to me b/c I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do jury duty! I have no idea why, but it probably has a bit to do with my obsession for crime shows. Anways, glad you were able to get out of it. Oh, and also, I also attended traffic school not too long ago and there were a couple of cuties I wish I wld’ve had the guts to say hello to.

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