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Are You a Nurturer?

Franco Matticchio.nurtureI’d given up on houseplants years ago. Too much clutter and fuss. But then a friend brought me one as a “hostess” gift, which now sits on my terrace, and I’m slowly getting sucked back in. What surprises me is how much I’m enjoying tending it and watching it grow.

Illustration by Franco Matticchio


6 comments for “Are You a Nurturer?”

  1. JoDa says:

    I’m the WORST with house plants, but LOVE my container garden. There’s such a reward for the little bit of care I give those plants. Within the week, I will be able to eat as many sweet, tart, fresh cherry tomatoes as I want. Another week after that, and I can eat fresh or pickle delicious cukes. And all year long, if I feel a dish needs a little something something, I have a variety of herbs to choose from. I guess I give a little to nature and it gives me a lot back.

  2. Stacey says:

    I wish I had the ability to keep plants alive. They come to my house to die, 🙁

    I even (unintentionally) killed an air fern once. That takes SKILL!

    I just stick to the fake plants now. It’s much easier on my psyche.

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