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What are you good at?

DesignworklifeIt’s because of my own yearning for sweets that I first started baking. Through trial and error, I’ve perfected a chocolate chip cookie recipe that I’m confident is as good a cookie as you’ll find anywhere. One of the secrets is using Callebaut bittersweet chocolate discs, rather than ordinary supermarket chips. I love whipping up a batch for friends and watching their eyes light up. What’s one of your gifts?

Illustration by design work life.


6 comments for “What are you good at?”

  1. Jules says:

    Love this quote. My gift is food as well – seasonal salads. Currently it’s persimmon, arugula, pine nuts and parmesan shavings. The dressing carries some spicy heat. It’s best with bunch arugula, instead of the bagged kind, usually found at farmer’s markets. And like you the pleasure comes from people’s enjoyment.
    Your cookies are fantastic!

  2. Petra says:

    I’ll make it three–food also! Especially peach salsa. I canned 15 jars of that this past summer and have already given 7 jars away.

    And dinner party invitations–I love getting a small group of friends together for an evening of good food and great conversation!

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