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Renewal 2014

NewyorkshittyIt’s no coincidence that the overlapping holidays of Passover and Easter with their message of hope and rebirth arrive at a time of year that mirrors the metaphor. Here in L.A, the coming of spring may not elicit the same palpable thrill as in wintrier climates, but it’s still inspiring to soak in all the light. Are you feeling it yet?

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  1. Petra says:

    Indeed I am, Wendy! First mow of the season (just the south and west-facing parts of the yard, as the rest doesn’t need it yet). My saucer magnolia is budding and I’ll be seeing blooms within a week, the sugar maples are beginning to leaf out, and my stargazer lilies are coming up. The rhubarb plants are showing some serious activity and I even saw three TINY green buds on the blackberry bush I planted last year. And, perhaps one of the bigger signs for me, the last week of classes is next week, then finals, then no more teaching until August (there is, however, research and paper-writing to be done over the summer!)

    I may even grill next weekend (starting to crave Turkish-flavored lamb kebabs).

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