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What’s Good About 2016?

Jack Pierson

It’s hard to put a good spin on 2016. Here’s why it’s worth a try. 2017 is sure to be challenging, maybe even more so. We’re going to need energy and we’re going to need hope. With that in mind, I ask you to make a list of 20 things that were good for you this year. I compiled my list yesterday, and to come up with 20, I really had to stretch. But it forced me to remember simple pleasures – like eating Spaghetti Pomodoro and the fact that the transcendent movie, Moonlight ever got made. What’s on your list?

This year by Jack Pierson


8 comments for “What’s Good About 2016?”

  1. Petra says:

    Wendy, the year is ending on a note both sad and hopeful. The Tuesday before Christmas I had to have my beloved cat euthanized. BUT after I’d made the appointment to have her put down, the vet DID give me a “last resort” bottle of liquid vitamins with extra iron. It didn’t cure her (she basically died from old age), but I did get a very good weekend with her before she really started declining on Monday and Tuesday. I am very grateful to have had the extra good time with her (and also grateful for my boyfriend, who suggested I not come visit him that weekend if I’d rather spend the time with Bella). We both cried after she died.

    Also, I am very grateful for developing stronger relationships with a group of women (both single and married) I met in a Meetup. Indeed, the six of us had our own holiday lunch and the hostess gifted us all with delicious baked goods AND handmade scarves to keep out the cold! I love these women and in 2016 I got to know them better.

    I went overseas and visited some family I hadn’t seen in a LONG time. And I also spent some time there with my best friend from grad school–she taught me to make risotto and I taught her to bake pie. I am very grateful to have been able to see her and her family (we also spent a few days on a girlfriend trip to Llubljana, where I’d never been before).

    And I tasted 14+ cheeses I’d never had before 🙂

  2. Cathy says:

    20 things that were good for me in 2016:
    1. Bought a townhome that I love
    2. Live in a wonderful quiet neighborhood
    3. Spent 2 weeks with my sons in Europe to celebrate turning 60
    4. Joined a film and a social meetup & met many nice people
    5. Spent some time back in PA visiting old friends
    6. Learned to cook new recipes – used pepperoncini for the first time and it’s delicious
    7. Took a watercolor class
    8. Read at least 4 dozen books, most of which were good
    9. Saw Moonlight, Loving, Manchester by the Sea, Arrival, and Fences, all of which were excellent
    10. Enjoyed an entire summer in my new state of NC
    11. Have a new governor, thank god
    12. Took up writing poetry again
    13. Had a couple dinner parties that turned out fine
    14. Joined my local Democratic Women’s group & plan to be active in it
    15. Taking a wine class so I don’t feel clueless
    16. Joined a third book club which I’m enjoying
    17. Bought a Xmas tree & wreath to replace the ones I left behind when I moved
    18. Took a strength exercise class
    19. Walked 30 minutes most days
    20. Enjoyed the community pool

    Thanks Wendy for the invitation to think about the good that happened in 2016. It was such a bad year in so many ways but there’s always a silver lining or a rainbow if you look hard enough.

    • wendy says:

      This is a joyous list, Cathy. I’m very moved by it. And I, too, am thrilled about your new Governor. Keep us posted about your social action work and dinner parties and pepperoncini.

  3. Gigi says:

    That list was both easy and hard! Some things were the same as every year, others were new!
    It was a fun exercise one that I might try to do every year.
    Happy New Year to you!!!

  4. Alissa says:

    I’ll share a few…

    1. Discovered this blog 🙂
    2. Got dumped back in Jan 2016 by a dud. Glad it happened!
    3. Saw Dolly Parton in concert.
    4. Kept my 2016 new years resolutions which were: meet more people and go backpacking more. I went on nine backpacking trips (frankly, I’m kind of exhausted!) and created two new meaningful friendships.
    5. I realized companionship is the biggest blessing in life and companionship can come from so many places outside an SO.

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