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Fast Food Go-To

For the most part, Iā€™m a slow-food girl. I like braises, gumbos, stews and chili. The longer something cooks, the better. And my freezer is a testament to that, stocked with small storage containers from big pots of things that have leisurely simmered on my stove. But every week, I grab a quick bite from the neighborhood that someone else has cooked. My favorite is a Lebanese rotisserie chicken place nearby. Do you have a fast food go-to?

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13 comments for “Fast Food Go-To”

  1. Kathleen says:

    I like to go to a family owned pizza shop with a variety of comfort food

  2. Gigi says:

    There is a great Greek diner that one of my friends owns. I am Greek so it’s nice, I feel like I am dining with my family, and bonus they serve breakfast all day.

  3. Leyla says:

    Chipotle is definitely my fast food go-to on weeknights when I’m too busy to cook or shop for groceries.

  4. Claire says:

    I am the opposite. I used to really enjoy cooking. But now it’s gotten to be a chore. Maybe it’s my small apartment kitchen and much busier work schedule. In fact I’ve been looking for a way to get a weekly delivery/pickup of 5 or 6 healthy meals ready to heat up so I don’t eat cereal or take out after work when I’m tired or get hangry at my desk when super busy. Haven’t had any luck yet finding someone who does this (doesn’t help I’m in the south and am vegetarian but prefer to eat vegan – I bet I would have no trouble in LA!!). Even Whole Foods was useless. šŸ™

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