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Are We Single Because of Grammar?

I’ve been known to pass on someone’s dating profile when it has lots of typos. (Well, maybe the photo had something to do with it, too.) Is spelling a deal breaker for you?

Single by Chris Hallbeck


6 comments for “Are We Single Because of Grammar?”

  1. Robin says:

    Yes! I am a writer and through years of practice am trained to spot typos, grammatical mistakes, and the like–they simply drive me crazy. And calling them ‘typos’ is kindly assuming the person knows better and just typed the wrong thing by accident. Unfortunately I think more and more people don’t know the difference (between your and you’re for example) and as in the cartoon don’t even care.
    Another thing I hate is the increasing trend of adding an apostrophe before any word ending in ‘s’ – so it goes with our post-literate society.

    • wendy says:

      One of my pet peeves is less vs fewer. But that couldn’t be a deal breaker since most people get that wrong.

  2. Petra says:


    A wealth of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors truly is a deal breaker for me (along with hoarding and substance abuse). A typo or the occasional comma where there should be a semicolon doesn’t bother me. I think I’m pretty good at determining if a mistake is just a simple mistake or if it’s indicative of a carelessness with language. My ex (we’d met online) told me that he used to edit so very carefully before sending me messages!

    My pet peeve is the paragraph that is a single run-on (and on and on) sentence with the obligatory period at the end.

  3. Gigi says:

    Poor grammar is not even close to being on my list of deal breakers, since I am guilty as hell myself!

    Things like being an jerk, having a major depressive disorder, someone looking for a free ride etc. but grammar not so much.
    The man I had been speaking with was a writer, super smart creative guy. He was sadly a total loser plus financially broke, and he was a jerk, however his grammar was perfect. Thanks but no thanks for this girl.

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