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Last night, as I was about to barbecue some red peppers, the cover of the gas grill came off in my hands. The dinner I’d envisioned all day depended on these peppers, so I refused to be deterred. It took some awkward maneuvering to keep the lid on, but the peppers got grilled and I had a lovely meal. It was too dark to discover the problem, plus I’m pathetic at home repair. I thought about calling a handyman in the morning, but who would come over for such a minor item. With the light of day, I was determined to see what I could do, given the grill’s importance in my life. I took a deep breath, centered myself, removed the lid and noticed that a couple of screws had fallen out. Within minutes, the cover was fixed. I’m feeling single and proud right now.


8 comments for “Handywoman”

  1. Petra says:

    Isn’t that such a great feeling, the ability to do repairs without having to call on anyone? I’m like you, not particularly adept at home repair, but whenever I do manage to fix something, I feel so independent! Kudos to you for your accomplishment.

    Time for me to get the grill ready for the season, too.

  2. Gigi says:

    Wendy you can grille the rest of the summer knowing if it happens again you can fix it! And I admire the fact you didn’t just toss it out and go buy a new one.
    I also enjoy that feeling of satisfaction and independence when I manage to fix something. And bonus you saved yourself a bunch of time and money.
    Speaking of peppers I stuffed mini peppers with Alouette cheese and broiled them till they got a bit melted, they were pretty good.

    Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  3. Leanne says:

    Good job! Out of the blue last night, a light bulb in my kitchen light fixture burst. I’m not in the least handy, but after some effort today, I managed to get the remnants of the bulb out of the socket. No handyman needed!

    • wendy says:

      I have a phobia about changing lightbulbs, since 2 burst, one of which broke the fixture. Good job yourself!

  4. claire says:

    Nice work, hope you enjoyed dinner! I get a certain satisfaction fixing something instead of replacing it.

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