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Favorite Sweatpants, RIP

Ever since moving to L.A, I’ve been cultivating a sweatpants wardrobe. Lightweight summer ones, chunky winters ones, cropped, wide-legged. I need a whole drawer for my sweatpants. After years of searching, I finally found the perfect cozy pair from Vince. They were pricey, but fit like a dream, with enough pockets for house keys and doggie poop bags. I liked them so much that I bought a second pair and stowed them away for when the first one ripped. So it was with great sadness and reluctance (it took me weeks) that I threw my remaining pair in the garbage yesterday, after becoming so shredded that I could no longer wear them. And already, they are greatly missed. Have you ever had an item of clothing that was hard to part with?


2 comments for “Favorite Sweatpants, RIP”

  1. Meg says:

    Yes, I feel the same way about a pair of jeans that I used to own, I finally forced myself to throw them away since I was still wearing them and they were shreds. Also a few purses. A part of me wishes that I’d have held onto them.
    It’s so hard to know which pieces of clothing you’ll come to love; I just purchased some t-shirts and shorts for summer (including white pants!) and have found myself wearing one t-shirt and pair of shorts nearly every day. Still haven’t even put the others on.
    Do they still make your sweatpants? Oftentimes you can find the exact same items for sale on ebay. This is how I replaced a Gap jean jacket from around 2002 that was also shredded.

    • wendy says:

      I have searched the internet high and low, and the sweatpants are nowhere to be found. I agree about wearing a few favorite things over and over again.

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