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Building Downtime into your Week

In my weekly ritual, Friday night is a time to slow down. And as it approaches, I can feel my body start to relax. My mind, on the other hand, takes a while to remember the routine. I have to keep reminding it. A martini helps. For my Career Coaching site, I wrote about the importance of taking a day off when you’re looking for work. And at the core of this advice is the idea that even when you haven’t reached your desired outcome, you still deserve a break.

Henrik Plenge Jakobsen


2 comments for “Building Downtime into your Week”

  1. Petra says:

    Wendy, I’ve been following your “detach from work” rule since the fall. I don’t respond to work emails between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon. And no work on Saturdays at all (unless there is an extremely good reason, which is rare). But to extend that to job-seekers? Genius! Looking for work IS work, hard work at that and yes, a day off is definitely warranted.

    • wendy says:

      Good on you for establishing a “detach from work” rule. These days, when we’re connected 24/7, it’s particularly important to set boundaries.

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