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Revving Up for the 4th

I’m experiencing a bit of  long holiday weekend anxiety. What are your plans?

Exploding echinopsis by Greg Krehel


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  1. Petra says:

    Went out to dinner last night with a friend and her husband to celebrate her birthday. Today, I’m about to head out to the farmer’s market, a weekly joy for me. I’ll be canning jars of of pickled beets later today and, at some point in the weekend, going to the gym and for a long bike ride. I’ll do a little cooking and writing for pleasure.

    I was in Michigan for a short trip last weekend, so I’ll really relish this weekend alone. Michigan is a favorite destination of mine and I had a great time visiting a friend (wineries, a cider, a creamery, et –yes, Wendy, I even make my non foodie friends do food-related things!) But I have my weekends relatively booked through early August, so this weekend by myself will be a treasure.

    May your long weekend be a good one.

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