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Stress Busters

Years ago, I used to be an obsessive knitter. It was a steady companion. There was something about the motion and the clicking sound and the excitement of a beautiful new sweater that calmed me. I would spend hours in a neighborhood shop looking at patterns and picking out yarns. I’m trying to think if there’s anything in my life like that now. Ballet. Cooking. Prayer. My dog. What keeps you company?

Knitted glass sculpture by Carol Milne


6 comments for “Stress Busters”

  1. Petra says:

    I love that sculpture!

    For me, cooking, reading (including cookbooks-some special ones are old friends), my cat, and cycling outdoors. The latter is good thinking time and, occasionally, conversation time with my imaginary friend. Don’t laugh! I find that having a talk with him is a great tool for figuring out problems and issues that might otherwise simply bounce around in my mind, never fully articulated and therefore never fully resolved. Maybe it’s the act of speaking out loud.

    Some of my special cookbook “friends” include The Cooking of Provincial France, a Time-Life book written by MFK Fisher. A look at an era gone by (I believe it was published around 1970).

    Some of my most intense moments of joy and gratitude I’ve experienced while cooking.

  2. I am planning a trip to France, so my big obsession right now is studying French on Duolingo.

  3. Ehm says:

    I’m so curious, Wendy, why did you stop knitting?

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