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Tyranny of the “Kids Back to School” Facebook Post

This time of year, as sweet revenge, I like to post a photo that I’ve taken of my dog Rose sleeping on an open 3-ring binder with the catch phrase “cracking the books.” 

Illustration via @banksy


2 comments for “Tyranny of the “Kids Back to School” Facebook Post”

  1. claire says:

    I quit facebook maybe two years ago and I do not miss it at all. First I put it on hibernation then a few months later I decided to totally delete it and when I logged back on to do that I spent a few minutes scrolling and realized I had literally missed NOTHING. Nothing important that I wouldn’t have found out about through other channels. Just remember they don’t post updates on their divorces (half my friends right now it seems like) or the things about their kids they genuinely don’t like. TGIF all you fabulous single ladies! xo

    • wendy says:

      So true about people not posting the messy stuff of life. Also, I think FB’s algorithm’s weigh heavily towards marriage and baby photos.

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