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Time for a Pantry Purge

Let me start by saying that I’m grateful to have a pantry. AND, it is a receptacle for items that get buried and forgotten. Over the weekend, I threw out a box of cake flour that had expired over a year ago. Taking up space on the bottom shelf of my pantry is an array of shopping bags, which for some reason I think I’ll need one day. What do you need to purge?

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6 comments for “Time for a Pantry Purge”

  1. Petra says:

    Wendy, I do periodic “Kondo-ing”* of my stuff (clothing is very easy, foodstuffs are getting much easier with practice). The freezers are the worst, because of the cold, but I’ve committed to cleaning them and using what I have. So I made some pumpkin soup from pumpkin I froze last year, coupled with a green bean-meat stew using a smoked pork chop over a year old (and surprisingly, not freezer burnt).

    I got rid of several jars of home-canned jams and sweet pickles because I just don’t eat much of that stuff anymore (saving my added sugars for things that really count, like homemade cake and ice cream). Ditched some pasta–don’t eat much of that anymore–and the partially full bags of rice. Now, if I don’t see a REAL use for it within 6 months or it’s something that can keep for-basically-ever (like the honeys I buy as souvenirs from places I visit). Got rid of several energy drinks because now I caffeinate for long bike rides with actual coffee. As I do this, I’m always saying to myself (out loud!) BE RUTHLESS! My pantries (kitchen cabinets, garage, and guest room shelf) are pretty organized now. Only the bottom freezer to go!

    *after the decluttering doyenne Marie Kondo

    • wendy says:

      I hadn’t heard of the 6 month rule for food. But it’s a good one. My freezer is so jammed packed. It’s a nightmare.

    • claire says:

      I love Marie Kondo. I read the book and did my whole house a year ago before a move. Unfortunately I am now much more selective of what I buy which means I hardly buy anything because I rarely really like anything in stores and I really need some new shoes and clothes and furniture. My TV is currently on the floor.

      My cabinets are full of healthy foods that I don’t cook nearly enough. I have taken KonMari to my cooking a bit too – my fridge and cabinets are more and more bare as I realize I’m not gonna cook that interesting vegetable I see in the grocery store.

      • wendy says:

        Being selective is good. But it’s probably not good for your neck to have the TV on the floor. Where have you been furniture shopping?

        • Claire says:

          Well I recently moved (again but hopefully for the last time in a long time!) so I haven’t even plugged the tv in yet. At this point it’s there for looks lol. I have been trying consignment and antique stores (b/c I don’t like most of the new furniture) but it seems to be either junk or ridiculously expensive (but beautiful) antiques. I recently discovered auctions though so I’m trying that next. I’m not in the biggest town so there isn’t a ton of selection.

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