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Couple Envy

I flew to San Francisco for the weekend, and on my Southwest flight, they handed out snacks. This was great, because I was in the mood for salt. Yet as much as I tried, I couldn’t pry open the bag of peanuts. (Maybe related – I also struggle unlocking pump bottles.) Embarrassed, yet determined, I eyed the person sitting next to me, and sheepishly asked for his help. Returning home yesterday, there was another round of snacks. This time, I passed. But I watched an elderly couple across the aisle. The woman also struggled with the bag of peanuts, and she let her husband do the work.


8 comments for “Couple Envy”

  1. There are still airlines handing out peanuts?

  2. Petra says:

    Those pump bottles are works of the devil.

  3. Gigi says:

    When a package says “easy open” I go straight for my scissors and show that package how easy open really works!

    I somehow feel so much better I did not realize how angry packaging made me 🙂

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