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Rose Marie, RIP

The Dick Van Dyke show was one of the sounds of my childhood. The multi-talented Rose Marie played the character of Sally Rogers, a perennially single woman. Sally was always grousing about not having a man, yet at the same time, she had an enviable career (unique to women then) as the writer of a hit TV show. Her character reflected the cultural bias about being unmarried and I’m sure it seeped into my bloodstream. Looking at this clip today, it happily feels like a relic from another era.

Rose Marie died this week at 94.


12 comments for “Rose Marie, RIP”

  1. Anne Roy says:

    She was ace … the character, a successful woman in the difficult world of entertainment regrettably still felt she lacked something …

  2. “As long as he’s still breathing, he passes the test.”

    So many Nos.

  3. Claire says:

    Was this funny to audiences when it aired? I don’t hate on women who do want a man but ask for a great one at least! She’s a catch! Unrelated – I love her outfit.

  4. Petra says:

    What a talent she was! But I have to echo the comments of Anne Roy and Solitary Diner–her character, a gifted and strong woman, is still judged by others and by herself as “lesser” because she’s single, willing even to settle for any man.

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