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Rainy Season

During the last 2 days in Los Angeles, we finally got soaked. At 5 AM, my neighborhood lost power, which in an all-electric building feels dramatic. No lights of course, but also no heat, no working stove (with the immediate result of no morning hot beverage), and if the outage lasts long enough, no hot water. Dawn was approaching, and with it, some natural light (despite a darkened sky) so that was good. My phone was newly charged. In other words, I had a lot to be grateful for. 5 hours later, we were back in business.

Painting by Brad Phillips


2 comments for “Rainy Season”

  1. Petra says:

    Keeping you in my thoughts, Wendy. I hope conditions improve–the imagery is astounding! Such devastation.

    On a lighter note, when I was a regular coffee drinker, I always had some No=Doz (or something similar) around in the event that power would be lost and I couldn’t have my morning coffee (and my caffeine fix). I already was prone to migraines, so I did not want a caffeine withdrawal headache on top of that! Funny thing, I decided to wean myself off caffeine, but I did it very slowly, over the course of months. Never went through withdrawal pain. But about a week or two after I succeeded, we had an ice storm and I lost power for 5-6 days, so I couldn’t have made my coffee anyway.

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