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Hobbies That Keep Us Sane

On Sunday, I started my day at the Farmer’s Market, and then at home, made a batch of lentil-sausage stew. It’s a favorite recipe that feeds 8 -10, so there are now plenty of leftovers in the freezer. I put individual servings in ziplock bags marked with the date, which are easy to microwave. Except for the cleanup, the entire process makes me feel happy and nurtured.

Photo by Joseph Ford


10 comments for “Hobbies That Keep Us Sane”

  1. Petra says:

    I hosted a luncheon for a small group of my friends on Sunday and I found the whole process, from planning to dishwashing, so soul-nourishing. And I did have plenty of leftovers! But I don’t have to cook for others–I find joy when I cook for myself as well. Somehow, I feel that making soup is particularly restorative. Hmmm, maybe I’ll make some soup this weekend!

    • wendy says:

      Even the dishwashing? That’s where you and I differ.

      • Petra says:

        Even the dishes, Wendy! I have a system and love the incremental progress. I do use a dishwasher for dinner or lunch parties, but there’s still plenty to do. Knives, stemware, some pots and pans. I love to reflect in the wonderful connecting I’ve participated in with my tribe.
        Btw, I too love lentil soup finished with a little vinegar!

        • wendy says:

          What’s your system?

          • Petra says:

            Put leftover food away and cap any wine bottles with leftover wine.

            Load dishwasher with plates, flatware, regular glasses, etc.

            Move all remaining items to be cleaned into kitchen.

            Shake out tablecloth and put it and cloth napkins in washing machine

            Fill the sink with hot, soapy water

            Put knives in water (blades facing the left)

            Wash and rinse knives then put in dish drainer

            Wash and rinse stemware and place on counter

            Put other things in sink (e.g. anything made of wood)

            Dry stemware and put in cabinet

            Wash and rinse other stuff and put in dish drainer

            Put cookware that doesn’t go in dishwasher into the sink

            Wash and dry it and put it away

            Tidy living/dining room

            Pour glass of wine or cocktail and relax, congratulating self for a job well done

            If the job is REALLY well done, eat a second helping of dessert, if any is left, as the next day it’s back to low sugar

          • wendy says:

            Yet another reason to be in awe of you.

  2. This looks like a good recipe to try. I always like a good soup.

    • wendy says:

      It’s a great recipe, easy to make. I finish it with balsamic vinegar (instead of red wine vinegar) to add an extra sweetness.

  3. Leyla says:

    I am so jealous that you have a farmers market this time of year. Here in Maryland, the farmers markets close up around October and don’t reconvene until May!!!

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