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How to Stay Fit in the Winter

My brother is a hardy soul. He lives in Boston and a few weeks ago during the frigid temperatures, he still took his dog for a 20-minute walk. As an Angeleno who bundles up when it’s 60 degrees, this humbles me. That’s why I reside in a place where it’s temperate most days of the year. In any case, my exercise of choice (ballet class) takes place indoors. How do you stay fit during the winter months?

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10 comments for “How to Stay Fit in the Winter”

  1. Petra says:

    Cycling at the gym, once a week for a long ride, maybe a shorter one or a good power walk on the elevated track. Not as enjoyable as cycling on the trail, but I gave up running and dislike swimming and yoga. I park my butt on the recumbent bike at the gym, pull out class prep material, food magazines, and books. A few hours later I’ve got a solid endurance workout in and I’m ready for a treat. But no exhilarating thrill like biking in nature. Still, on of my resolutions was to complete a half-century on the recumbent. I actually got to cross that off on January 7! Now I need never do that again.

  2. Meghan says:

    Running! Outside! Just like I do in the summer, lol.

    I guess snow and rain doesn’t preclude me; today I ran for nearly three hours outside. I have a waterproof parka to protect against the rain, and fortunately it only sprinkled a little.

    Have found that I generally warm up quite a bit when running, so the cooler temperatures don’t affect me too much.

    Biking, however, in cold & wet weather is a bitch. Don’t do too much of that other than the occasional trip to the grocery store.

    • Petra says:

      You keep at it, Meghan! I used to run and would run outside in winter, assuming roads weren’t slick. But I can’t bring myself to cycle outdoors when temperatures are much below 60°F. Even at my rather slow pace, there’s still plenty of evaporative cooling.

    • wendy says:

      Running in the snow and rain? Wow. I’ve grown so soft here in L.A.

  3. Gigi says:

    Well for me I get the lecture all the time from 2 sisters. They both are runners one, runs a solid 5 miles everyday no matter the weather. The other has run 29 marathons and finished all of them but 1. And then there is me. I might run to get my dog Tula a treat but that’s about it.

    However a new health issue has made me rethink this exercise thing. My once low blood pressure is climbing so my anti med sentiment means I need to start exercising and I can avoid meds.
    My plan is to put on some Greek music and dance away in my house 🙂

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