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Dressing Up

I can’t remember if I owned one pair of sweatpants before moving to Los Angeles. Now, I have an entire drawer devoted to them. The other anchor in my L.A. wardrobe is denim. An assortment of jeans occupies another shelf of its own. In the Jewish congregation to which I belong, jeans and flip flops are standard fare. And I like that because it’s informal and removes a barrier to entry. But Saturday morning service is the one place where I challenge myself to wear  fancier attire. Do you like to dress up?

Overdressed and Underappreciated by Matt Adrian


2 comments for “Dressing Up”

  1. Claire says:

    I want some of those “fancy” sweatpants that don’t look slouchy. I like to dress up sometimes. I went shopping the other week at my favorite second hand / consignment store and ended up buying three black dresses. They just all fit and were each different – I had to!

    • wendy says:

      I have a few slouchy sweatpants for home use only (except maybe walking the dog at 6:45 AM). It was Givenchy, who recently died, who made famous the little black dress.

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