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Kurt Vonnegut’s Spring

I came of age reading Kurt Vonnegut, and I inhaled his books. This text is from one I hadn’t heard of – Palm Sunday: An Autobiographical Collage. And though Los Angeles probably doesn’t count, his description of the seasons is perfect.


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  1. Len says:

    I found Vonnegut late—in my early 40s. I remember this passage, but forgot it was from Palm Sunday (which I’ve had for a while). I had to pull it out and look this up; “Funnier On Paper Than Most People”, page 159.

    Around here this past year, summer stretched into October, autumn was short, winter went into March, and “locking” and “unlocking” were pretty much skipped.

    Oh, God (a phrase Kurt would probably get a chuckle out of having used in reference to him), do we ever need him back! Can you imagine what he would have to say now? One of his essays keeps coming to mind: “In a Manner That Must Shame God Himself.”

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