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Hot Water Gratitude

Last week was filled with petty irritations. I was having car problems at the exact moment that my beloved auto mechanic closed down. My otherwise wonderful dog woke me up at 3 AM with an intestinal bug. I was grumpy and sleepy. In search of respite, I got in the shower. What I didn’t know until my hair was lathered up, was that our building was having an issue with the hot water heater. I rinsed off as quickly as possible, shivering all the way. It took 36 hours for the water heater to get repaired. And for now at least, each time I turn on the faucet, I feel grateful.


2 comments for “Hot Water Gratitude”

  1. Petra says:

    Well, that must not have been a good time to find out about the water heater! I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to cold water showering (like the water just shy of scalding).

    Your earlier post about your mechanic had me thinking about how much I value the place I go to. Very grateful for service providers I can trust.

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