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Glorious Mother of the Bride

Here’s a wonderful piece in The New Yorker about Doria Ragland. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her during the Royal Wedding. Did you tune in?


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  1. Jules says:

    Doria Ragland was riveting. She’s spectacularly interesting. Selfishly, I hope we learn more about her. But, I do feel some sadness that she had to leave her job at one of LA’s best community clinics. And she has a profound beauty. Her daughter seems to have inherited her mother’s self-composure. What a gift.

  2. Dee says:

    I watched the wedding in bits. I am embarrassed to admit that watching made me feel quite jealous. I couldn’t shake the feeling that this woman managed to land the world’s most eligible bachelor and I can’t even find a “normal” guy. I wish it made me feel hopeful, but it doesn’t. To top it all off I went to see the movie “Book Club” last weekend and that made me long even more for a relationship. But it was a really funny movie!

    I am intrigued by her mother though. What’s beautiful woman!

    • Claire says:

      Dee I’m sorry you felt jealous. I enjoyed watching the wedding. I recently dated someone for two months before he moved a few states away for work (he found out between our 2nd and 3rd date). He asked and I agreed why not at least have fun before he would move. About this scenario I consciously decided to think good people are out there and enjoyable relationships are possible instead of “more bad luck”. The thought didn’t feel natural at first, but I felt a lot better thinking that way!

      • wendy says:

        I appreciate your positive thinking, Claire. Are you still in touch with the man you dated a couple of times?

        • Claire says:

          The positive thinking definitely had to be learned! It was an interesting thing with the guy that I had not done before, but glad I did. I knew he was going to move too far for me so I never brought up staying in touch and neither did he. We just dated like normal for two months with the difference being we knew at the end of April it was over. But we didn’t really talk about that aspect much, just fun. He sent me a text a week after he moved and I responded but that has been it. I would welcome seeing him occasionally (a travel partner?) but I’m not going to pursue anything. Also, we met very randomly at a bar. So I think if I met a nice guy without trying, it can happen again. I was also teary during the wedding!

          • Claire says:

            Should say I have no plans currently to pursue anything (formal or informal) with this guy but plans and feelings can change. We’ll see.

          • wendy says:

            A travel partner sounds enticing.

          • Claire says:

            Should say I have no plans currently to pursue anything with the guy (formal or informal) but plans and feelings can change, so we’ll see.

          • wendy says:

            In my experience, it has been easier to relax and have fun knowing it was for a limited basis. But I’m reminded of a friend who ended up meeting her husband just that way. So, you never know what can happen…

    • wendy says:

      I’m sure there are many people who shared your feelings about the wedding. I had a different experience. In terms of the current divisive state of the world, I found the wedding hopeful, and was misty-eyed watching it. I don’t envy the life ahead for Meghan Markle. It will play out on such a public stage, and it’s not what I’d want for myself. But they do seem like they’re in love. If I may ask, are you actively searching for a relationship right now, Dee?

      • Dee says:

        That’s a great way to look at it, Wendy. And I agree that her life isn’t going to be easy. I am not actively searching for a mate by online dating or going to singles events. am actively trying to be more social in general though.

        • wendy says:

          It starts by getting out of the house. I try to remember that when I’m overly cozy at home on the weekends with my dog.

  3. cathy says:

    I thought Doria looked sad. Like that her daughter was entering a beautiful prison. I think I’m the only one who thought that, though.

    • Meg says:

      My reaction was also more along the lines of Markle entering a prison, Cathy. I guess I can’t watch a royal wedding w/out being reminded of poor, naive Diana and the nightmare her life became after her marriage (the twenty-year-old who actually went through with marriage to a man who publicly answered “I guess so….whatever that means” to questions during their engagement about whether or not the two of them were in love. Smh)
      But she’s quite a bit older than Diana was and so hopefully astute enough to weather the scrutiny her life will now be under and the complicated marriage she’s in.
      I read an article that Markle gave up her acting career and shut down her social media account in preparation for the wedding. It was in exchange for so much more, the article implied, as she is now not only a wife but a Princess! From that point of view, her marriage seems ridiculously archaic.
      I hope that she will be happy. But I don’t envy her.

      • wendy says:

        Yesterday, I was talking to a neighbor who is 25. She’s smart, talented, independent, and told me that she never understood the idea of a father walking his daughter down the aisle. To use your word, it seemed “archaic.” My neighbor loved the royal wedding, particularly that Meghan walked into the chapel by herself.

  4. Gigi says:

    I woke up early and tuned in on the Royal Family’s channel on you tube.

    It was amazing watching it without the constant babble of the media. The entire wedding not one word just the bride and groom was spectacular.

    Doria seems like a strong and together woman as does Meghan. Personally I can’t imagine how hard it was for Doria to be thrust in the limelight. At times I think she did look scared but other times overwhelmed with happy emotions.

    And it was heartwarming to see Charles walk Meghan 1/2 way down and the empty seat for Princess Dianna.

    Weddings make me cry (happy tears)but this one was a boxful’s worth.

    I hope they live happily ever after!

    • wendy says:

      I was so hooked by the wedding, that I even endured all the pundit commentary. Sounds like you took the much saner approach.

  5. Amy says:

    Harry is my favorite royal so I got up at dawn to watch. I thought the ceremony was beautiful..when Harry started wiping tears away…GAH. I am such a romantic.

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