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Advice I’d Give My Younger Self

When I was a kid in NYC, long before the hormones kicked in, I remember wondering whether there was a mate somewhere out there for me. Looking back, it’s crazy to realize that at such a young age, I’d already absorbed the anxiety and pressure of husband hunting. (I blame my mother and rom coms.) Where was that truth fairy when I needed her!

Cartoon by Pia Guerra


6 comments for “Advice I’d Give My Younger Self”

  1. Dee says:

    Too bad the Truth Fairy didn’t get a storybook like Cinderella.

  2. RS says:

    I remember being mesermized and enchanted by Richard Bach’s “Bridge Across Forever” way back when I was a studen. BAF is Bach’s tale of how he met and fell in love with and married his “soulmate.” Bach’s(author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull)writing leans heavily towards the fanciful and new-ageyish, but my young self was totally sucked in by his tale of Deep True Cosmic Eternal Love. Bach wrote a couple more best selling books about his adventures with his Soulmate, which I also devoured, though none were as good as BAF. A number of years later, I happened to read an article about Bach and discovered that he had divorced Soulmate #1 (who, it should be noted he married after divorcing his first wife, who I guess had the misforune of not meeting the requirements of Eternal Cosmic Soulmate(TM))and had found (apparently) Soulmate #2, who was much younger than Soulmate #1. I remember being irrationally furious with him when I heard that. As fanciful as it was, he had part of me believing that fairy tale could be true. Hugh, reading this back, if I did not know better, it sounds like I am *still* pissed off about it!

    • RS says:

      Dang, there are a lot of typos in that. I wish there were an edit feature. . . .

      • wendy says:

        Sometimes I look at old posts of mine, and see typos. But then, I have the luxury of edits. Happy to make edits from my end, if you like…

    • wendy says:

      RS, you always have a great story to tell. From my reading, it didn’t come across as “still” pissed off.

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