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Pay It Forward

Illustration by Jean Jullien


6 comments for “Pay It Forward”

  1. Petra says:

    I think so many of us feel that making the world a better place must be a grand act. But simply being kind (I really don’t like the word “nice” to describe someone) is all it takes. Noticing the name of your grocery cashier and using it or commenting on the streamers on a kid’s bike with training wheels can be enough.

    FYI, my issue with “nice” is that it so often seems to be used as an adjective when one can’t think of anything special about someone. There’s a real blandness to the word.

  2. Lisa Miller says:

    When I was working, I ALWAYS thanked anybody who helped me – even if it was their job to do so. I found that they were so appreciative. I couldn’t imagine why so many people don’t. A little Tank You goes a long way.

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