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Take the Compliment

For my Career Coaching blog, I’ve just posted a piece about tapping into joy to find purpose. And one of the ways to get there is to own your strengths. 

#365quotes 2018 project from Design Crush


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  1. Petra says:

    Great post, Wendy! The concepts of meaning, purpose, and legacy have been on my mind for quite some time. Indeed, a couple of weeks ago, I had a close group of friends over for lunch with the express purpose of discussing these very things and what they meant to us and how we are defining them or working on them (if we are) in our lives. I recognize that purpose and meaning are self-constructed, but most people don’t think about it until, perhaps, it’s too late. The geographer in me asks herself what PLACES feel like home (a homing in on a spatial purpose perhaps?) That is, WHERE do I feel like I most belong. For me, it’s bookstores and farmers markets and places like Seed Savers Exchange. I wonder how one would work that into your exercises?

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