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Pet Tricks

My dog Rose is part poodle, a breed known for being smart. Or so I’ve heard. 13 years ago, when she was a puppy, a friend trained her within minutes to sit, give you her paw and lie down, and suggested she could be in the movies. Or so I remember. Do you have a pet with a specialty?

Serious dog by Jean Jullien


8 comments for “Pet Tricks”

  1. Gigi says:

    Tula’s talent is keeping me from on line dating. I look at the profiles then look at her and figure I will pay the pet deposit and travel with her instead.

  2. Petra says:

    Well, I wasn’t sure that Henning, loving and smart that he is, had a special talent. But this weekend I learned that he is capable of jumping from a cabinet I have in the garage onto an articulated ladder. Causing said ladder to fall onto my car door. Leaving said door with a dent and a couple of serious scratches. That’s my boy!

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