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The Gifts of Summer

This morning at 6:15, it was so dark outside, I thought my clock must be wrong. There are still good tomatoes at the Farmer’s Market, but I feel the days of summer slipping away. 

Heirlooms by Jeremy Miranda


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  1. Petra says:

    Wendy, I have a Saturday morning tradition of cycling to the farmers market (to get there when they open at 8), buying my goods, and then cycling to a coffee shop to sit down with a drink and turn my phone off. I just sit by myself and watch the world.

    Because we are getting close to the equinox, the days are getting shorter more rapidly. I realize that by the end of the outdoor market, it may not be light enough to bike, especially if it’s cloudy. And that makes me a little sad, because if I have other plans on a Saturday, it could put my coffee time into jeopardy.

    I’m definitely an autumn girl, but I will miss the herbs in my garden (basil is over and the dill is LONG gone) and I’ll miss my summer cocktails (jasmines and anything made with sparkling wine), though I do look forward to the season’s first Manhattan next month!

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