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California Inferno

My neighborhood is safe, but smoke hovers in the air. Tens of thousands have had to evacuate, some of whom I know. Mother Nature is roaring after another disquieting week. I’ll be counting my blessings tonight.

Photo by Grant Denham


6 comments for “California Inferno”

  1. Lisa Miller says:

    Oh my gosh, is that an actual picture of the fire? I can not imagine living with that hovering over me. I saw a picture of animals tied up to a lifeguard station since they had been evacuated to the beach – llamas I think. What those animals must be going thru – let alone the humans involved. I’ve lived through massive snow storms, tornado warnings, earthquakes but never fires. My thoughts are with everybody having their entire life thrown into turmoil.

  2. Petra says:

    This is a nightmare and I feel for those affected. How devasting for all.

    • wendy says:

      Hundreds of thousands evacuated now in California. Although today, a few people I knew who were affected have been able to return home.

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