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Affirmation Day

One of the great things about having a pet is that they love you even first thing in the morning, regardless of how you look. To them, you’re always beautiful. Come to think of it, my Dad felt the same way about me too. #gratitude

Sign by Matthew Hoffman


4 comments for “Affirmation Day”

  1. Petra says:

    Oh, Wendy, I love the comment about your dad. Mom still refers to me as a “young girl”–I’m in my late 50s!

    With you on the pets. Henning the Wonder Cat absolutely adores me and loves to curl up on my lap when I meditating (kneading my thighs and belly with his rather sharp claws first!) I sometimes take pictures of him on my lap, me looking like hell and Henning loving and finding me beautiful nonetheless.

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