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Sweet Indulgence

Every holiday season, my financial advisor sends out a box of chocolates. As someone who has worked hard to kick the sugar habit after a lifetime of craving sweets, this gift arrives with mixed emotions. My first thought is to stow the chocolates and serve at Christmas dinner as a side dessert for guests. But in the end, I keep it for myself, indulging throughout the holidays. And it feels like a special treat.

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6 comments for “Sweet Indulgence”

  1. Petra says:

    Wendy, I have that same relationship with sweets. Now I just save them largely for the weekends or special events like dinner parties.

    Except for chocolate >+ 80% cacao–that’s my daily dessert breakfast. Usually I have a square or two of the 88% Endangered Species bar. Dip in a cup of hot coffee and suck on the melty bit.

  2. Camla says:

    Go for it! 80/20, 80 you’re good, 20 enjoy!

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