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Let There Be Light

23 seconds and counting…

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  1. Petra Zimmermann says:

    Hmmm, I rather relish the long, dark days. Granted, I’m on the western edge of the eastern time zone, so my sunset is a good 45 minutes after that of my friends back on the East Coast. But the long days of summer make me feel antsy and anxious. Save for the heat and humidity, I’d probably do better along the equator, with its constant 12-hour daylengths.

    I retreat inside myself when it gets dark, but in a good, introspective way. Mind you, it’s nice to not have to drive all over after dark, so I can have my older friends linger at my place a bit longer. And yes, I do appreciate the longer days for evening cycling. But I also love the long nights. Not quite the inverse Seasonal Affective Disorder (I don’t get depressed in the summer, just seem a bit more anxious), but maybe it’s just that my nesting instinct kicks into overdrive and I love being in my house, cooking, thinking, dreaming.

    Then again, without the long summer days, I might not appreciate so greatly the long winter nights.

  2. KATE says:

    I just discovered your blog. I feel like I am in the company of understanding friends.

    Love the notes about the days getting sunnier by a couple minutes each day. I do that. I feel better knowing every day after Dec. 21 is a little bit longer, Even though we are in winter.

    I adore your blog pictures and cartoons also.

    • wendy says:

      Welcome to FPS, and the wonderful community. It’s great to meet you Kate. Now that we’re more than a month after the shortest daylight of the year, I can really notice it.

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