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Aha Moment

The last time I had an aha moment was when I decided to become a Career Coach. It was during a lunch with a friend who was describing a coaching training in which he’d just enrolled, and it was as if a jolt of electricity went through my body. In a flash, I knew the next path of my professional life. In reality, that aha moment was years in the making, but the sudden clarity felt exhilarating. Have you had that experience?

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12 comments for “Aha Moment”

  1. Liz says:

    Yes, when I realized I needed to walk out of a new job I had started three weeks prior because my new boss, the CEO, was abusive. And I knew that the situation in which I would do so would occur spontaneously and soon. I walked out a few days later as she berated a staff member. I had nothing set up, no health insurance, no plan, and yet, deep within, I knew I was doing exactly the right thing. Not only for myself, but for others there who couldn’t or wouldn’t leave.

  2. Claire says:

    Never that strong but I recently had lunch with someone about a job that would be a big change and I knew pretty quickly not only was the job not right, but neither was the change. It became very clear to me I needed to put in more work where I am and stay on this path than pack up and switch for something different.

  3. Liz says:

    Wendy, I was more than a little scared because I had not financially planned for this. But I started networking like crazy and a previous boss offered me a position in her organization- different role than I’d had previously. The experience set me back career-wise, but I don’t regret walking out. What I do regret is not paying attention to my intuition about her when I interviewed. She acted oddly.

    • Claire says:

      Very brave of you Liz to refuse to stay and suffer! I think when we have that deep gut feeling it’s worth exploring it. What’s giving us that feeling? Through fits and starts with meditating I’ve found turning in to myself more helps fine tune understanding my intuition. I have ignored mine but also so glad one time I didn’t years ago when I interviewed for a job and even though I really needed a job I declined the offer because I had a odd feeling. There was one comment made during the interview that I think alerted my senses. I landed a job a few months later which I took and turned out to be a great situation and better fit for me.

      • wendy says:

        I say to my Coaching clients: Job interviews are a 2-way process. Whether we’re right for them AND whether they’re right for us.

  4. Petra Zimmermann says:

    I’ve had a few gut reactions (intuitions). Once I ignored it (to my detriment). The second time I felt that strong gut feeling again, and this time I knew I would not make the same mistake again. One involved a job I took, the other a job I turned down.

    One of my goals this year (or intentions) is to pay more attention to/develop my intuition.

    • wendy says:

      When I was trained as a Coach, we were really encouraged to pay attention to and develop our intuition. Do you have any thoughts about ways you’d like to do that?

  5. Petra Zimmermann says:

    Notice and write down reactions to places. Note coincidences. Pay attention when something comes up during meditation (not the general random thoughts or worries that I push away).

    Messages seem to “come through” more clearly on an empty stomach. But I don’t like my stomach to be empty all the time!

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