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Weather Wimps

We’re having an extended cold snap in L.A., which translates to barely getting out of the 50’s. In some places today, there was a dusting of snow and hail. People (including me) are bundled up in their down jackets and hats. Even the dogs have sweaters on. How’s the weather where you live?

Illustration by Tom Bachtell


12 comments for “Weather Wimps”

  1. Gigi says:

    It snowed on Wednesday was balmy yesterday next is 3 days of rain and cooler temps.

    Next week I will be on a cruise in the Bahamas and the weather looks like mid 80’s and sunny, yay!
    I am so ready for a taste of summer 🙂

    Stay warm and cozy.

    • wendy says:

      Enjoy the cruise, Gigi. I hope the weather and your journey are sublime. Temps in L.A. are supposed to get to 70 next week, so help is on the way.

  2. Petra says:

    Well, sunshine has certainly been in short supply the past two months. It’s been cold, but not as cold as during the polar vortex. Tomorrow calls for possible thunderstorms (higher than normal temperatures), with a strong wind advisory for Sunday. BUT next Friday is the first day of meteorological spring!

    Stay warm, Wendy! I was wondering how you were doing with your cold snap.

  3. Lauren Anne says:

    I’m in Wisconsin.
    I’m always shoveling snow.
    It is always cold.

    • wendy says:

      I’ve never been to Wisconsin. What’s one thing that you love about living there?

      • Lauren Anne says:

        Wendy, as residents of Wisconsin we look at each other and ask… “Why do we live here???” whilst walking into below freezing wind chills. So your question has me pausing for a moment. What do I love about Wisconsin? I do love that in one day you can experience diverse city bustle followed by a serene walk in the quietness of a wooded river.

        Cheers! (and bundle up!)

  4. Ehm says:

    I’m experiencing what forecasters are calling a BLIZZARD this evening –the wind is howling,the sleet pelting, the power flickering– and am going to snuggle in and hope things improve by tomorrow…especially because I have a flight to CA. Cold snap or not, it’s absolutely warmer there! Also, there are green things growing outside!

  5. Ehm says:

    Yes! I made it. The blooming poppies are amazing. Birds of paradise in clumps just, oh, along the sidewalk. Surreal succulents all around. And sunshine so spectacular! Hoping the rain holds off the rest of the week.

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