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My Own Bride

Hear the poet, Maggie Smith, read her complete poem here:


4 comments for “My Own Bride”

  1. Larissa says:

    The poem made me tear up. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Lauren Nastachowski says:

    A year ago you asked me how I practice being Brave and Strong as a response to one of your posts. I don’t think I went back and answered you. Maybe I did. But I think about defining “Brave” and “Strong” almost everyday. How DO I practice being brave and strong as my mother has encouraged me to be? Wendy, this poem answers that question. I just exclaimed out loud, to my cozy wee cottage during my perfectly prepared dinner for one, YES!

    “Alone in this house but not alone”

    This is the reason I look forward to Saturday night dinners with myself and your blog.


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