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I Need a Haircut!

Last week, I did a lousy job of cutting my bangs. But for the rest, I need a professional. How’s your hair faring 8 weeks in?

The New Yorker cartoon by Victoria Roberts


18 comments for “I Need a Haircut!”

  1. Petra says:

    If some “architect” was coming at me with scissors to cut my hair, I’d need a stiff cocktail, too!

  2. Claire says:

    My state is going to be allowing hair salons to open in time for my next appointment. I’m not sure yet if I’ll go.

  3. Ann says:

    They’ve opened hair places here, and I got a much-needed haircut after ten weeks. Only two stylists in a 4-person shop, everyone wears a mask, and haircuts only – no coloring or shampoos.

    A male friend said beard trims were not allowed either, because masks have to be removed.

    I felt OK about the precautions, but I can understand if someone else wouldn’t be.

  4. Lauren says:

    My hair has finally gotten long enough that I can just about get it in a ponytail, so it’s that or a baseball cap for me!

  5. gigi says:

    My hairdresser opens up on June 1st, I am hoping to get an appointment. However my daughter is also willing to cut my hair too, which might be rather fun!

  6. Paulette says:

    My hair is okay for the moment, I had had it cut before going into self-quarantine on 18 March (I am in a high risk group). I would never attempt to do it myself, I would butcher it. I live in a hot zone so salons will not be opening at least for another couple of weeks. I don’t feel it is safe, I don’t care how many precautions are taken. You cannot socially distance in a salon. Not possible. And until we get testing done in every state that provides us with the data we need to know who and where is safe, I will not go out. Those of you brave enough to risk it, I wish you luck and hope you stay well. I have asthma. I can’t take the chance. If I start looking like a geriatric hippie, so be it.

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