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These days, I barely get beyond my neighborhood. Given the limits of pandemic life, does your summer include any travel plans?

Illustration by Choi Haeryung


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  1. Gigi says:

    Leaving on Saturday for my annual beach week in North Carolina. There will be 11 adults and 4 children. This year my daughter is coming with us so I am super excited!

    • wendy says:

      How does that work with physical distancing?

      • gigi says:

        Well in VA and NC groups of 50 or more are OK. Being outside on the beach won’t be a problem either because bookings are way down and it looks pretty empty. So for 7 days with the exception of going to the grocery store etc life will feel totally normal.
        Now as long as current events don’t get discussed it should be a peaceful and fun trip:)

  2. Sabine says:

    I’m in a new, long-distance marriage. Although I’m 51, I just got married for the first (and hopefully only) time last summer!

    My darling husband lives in Germany (we met some 20 years ago there, and kept in touch occasionally through the years), and we’ll miss our first anniversary together because we decided that international travel poses too great a risk at this time.

    We’re sad, of course; but (mostly) confident that we made the right decision. And we hope to make the most of our circumstances: in my case, I’m looking forward to helping my beloved 81-year-old mother on a number of long-overdue house and yard projects…and finding small ways to enjoy the season, like picnics in parks with a few friends at a time, at a social distance.

    Despite these unbelievable times — pandemic, protests, politics — I also feel hopeful and inspired that we’ll do better than “return to normal.” Rather, that our world might express greater humanity, compassion and environmental reverence on the other side of where we are now.

    Meanwhile, #AloneTogether.

  3. Lauren says:

    My summer travel plans were all canceled, and I’m really sad about it. I have a summer birthday, and I always try to do something fun on that day; the last five years or so there have been castles! I know I’m fortunate not to have lost friends or family to COVID-19, but I’m feeling the loss of my summer travel plans keenly.

    • wendy says:

      There’s so much loss right now. And your sadness is so understandable. Is there anything fun, apart from you travel, that you can plan?

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