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Time for a Pantry Purge

September 6, 2017

Let me start by saying that I’m grateful to have a pantry. AND, it is a receptacle for items that get buried and forgotten. Over the weekend, I threw out a box of cake flour that had expired over a year ago. Taking up space on the bottom shelf of my pantry is an array of shopping bags, which for some reason I think I’ll need one day. What do you need to purge?

Illustration by Matt Shirley

Today My Heart Breaks

September 5, 2017

As some FPS readers know, I’ve been involved in immigrant rights (on a local and national level) for many years. We’ve had defeats, but also some victories. That fight has brought me to the streets and to the Capitol where I’ve lobbied members of Congress to pass legislation to protect Dreamers. This is such a sad day in America. I can only hope the darkness will lead to light.

AP Photo by Jacqueline Martin

In Search of the Good Stuff

September 1, 2017

Happy weekend!

Chris Bolin offline

Tyranny of the “Kids Back to School” Facebook Post

August 31, 2017

This time of year, as sweet revenge, I like to post a photo that I’ve taken of my dog Rose sleeping on an open 3-ring binder with the catch phrase “cracking the books.” 

Illustration via @banksy

Tempus Fugit

August 30, 2017

I’m still ruminating on the Death Over Dinner evening that I spent with friends last weekend. One of the topics we discussed was what we would do if time was running it out (which of course it is). Where would we put our attention? I think about this subject, particularly working as a Career Coach when I collaborate with clients to help them realize their professional dreams. No matter what your dreams are (professional or personal), you have to take that first step. If you’re having trouble getting started, you might find this recent post of mine helpful. It’s geared towards a new career idea, but the template’s the same. I hope you check it out.

So Many Heroes #Harvey

August 29, 2017

Bonding with a Family of Friends

August 28, 2017

Last night I had dinner with a wonderful collection of friends to talk about a taboo subject. We took part in the evening as part of a project called Death Over Dinner. 8 of us ate outside on a perfect, balmy summer night, with exquisite food and drink. There were tears and laughter as we shared stories about loved ones we had lost. And as we confessed our fears of mortality, it brought us closer together. A grand experiment and highly recommended.

Illustration by Mrzyk & Moriceau

What’s for Dinner

August 25, 2017

It’s the end of a busy work week, and I’m thinking about dinner. At least for tonight, I’ve reached a saturation point with the takeout places in the neighborhood. And there’s nothing that’s calling to me from the freezer. Part of the pleasure of living alone is that I might just cobble together a meal of olives, cashews, and a hunk of cheese and crackers. And who could stop me. What’s on your table when no one’s looking?

Knitted comfort food by Jessica Dance

Wanting is Better Than Having

August 24, 2017

Art Oracles

Babysitting a Fish

August 23, 2017

Last week, my 11-year old neighbor and her Mom brought over their Betta fish for me to feed while they’re on vacation. I’m happy to report that it’s been 7 days now and the fish is still alive. I don’t have experience with this kind of house pet. Do you? And if so, could you explain the appeal.