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March 23, 2018

I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday.

Poster by Oliver Jeffers

Life Without Wheels

March 22, 2018

The other night, I was watching an (awful) movie from 1970 with Elizabeth Taylor. There’s an innocuous scene that caught my attention. Taylor is moving out of her apartment, toting 2 heavy suitcases. And I was trying to remember what it was like to use luggage without wheels. However did we do it?

10 Suitcases by Zoe Leonard. At the Whitney Museum now until June 10.

Hump Day Affirmation

March 21, 2018

Photo by Andres Gonzales

What’s Your Sign?

March 20, 2018


Chart by Michelle Rial

Dressing Up

March 19, 2018

I can’t remember if I owned one pair of sweatpants before moving to Los Angeles. Now, I have an entire drawer devoted to them. The other anchor in my L.A. wardrobe is denim. An assortment of jeans occupies another shelf of its own. In the Jewish congregation to which I belong, jeans and flip flops are standard fare. And I like that because it’s informal and removes a barrier to entry. But Saturday morning service is the one place where I challenge myself to wear  fancier attire. Do you like to dress up?

Overdressed and Underappreciated by Matt Adrian

Your Turn for Something Wonderful

March 16, 2018

My brother and sister-in-law are visiting from a snowy Boston and reminding me, all bundled up, that 60 degrees in March is really warm. I’m about to meet them for Italian food. That’s my wonderful for today. How about you?

Illustration by Adam J Kurtz

Time Management

March 15, 2018

Today, I spoke with one of my Career Coaching clients who has just returned home after taking a year off to travel. For almost 2 decades, he’d been working a backbreaking schedule, and is now consciously creating a life with more balance. Time is precious.

Street art by Banksy

Stephen Hawking, RIP

March 14, 2018

What a triumphant life!

Illustration by Oliver Jeffers


TV Company

March 13, 2018

I spent much of the weekend as a 5th wheel with 2 couples (one of whom was visiting from San Francisco). We are all dear friends and it was a pleasure, really. We even rotated who got the hump seat in the back of the car. But there was a moment after dinner when I admitted my addiction to TV news, post election. Part of my explanation was that without a lover, I had lots of time to allocate to it. I was roundly ridiculed. It makes perfect sense to me.

Election Anxiety by Brian Rea

Decode, Please

March 12, 2018

Right now on The New Yorker’s Instagram account, this cartoon by Bob Eckstein has over 17,000 likes. At first glance, I didn’t understand the cartoon. And then, looking closer, I saw the cats. Tell me what you think it means.