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Can Short Hair Be Sexy?

jean sebergI’ve never been a girly girl. About ten years ago, I got my hair cut in a sleek bob and my bossy stylist insisted I use a blow dryer. My upper arm ached and it took so long to get ready in the morning, that I abandoned the idea and the bob after a month. My chic technique:  towel dry hair, put in Moroccan oil styling creme, mush it around, and get on with my day.

This photo of the very sexy Jean Seberg is from 1960, when she starred in the Jean-Luc Godard movie, Breathless.


7 comments for “Can Short Hair Be Sexy?”

  1. Onely says:

    My hairdresser refuses to even give me a pixie cut because she thinks I am not responsible enough to maintain it by getting regular trims. And she’s right. I used to have short hair and it went through all sorts of metamorphoses with barrettes and headbands because I didn’t get it trimmed every six weeks. I currently have longish hair, but I love short haircuts.

    Also, ditto on the blowdryer-arm. I get a lecture every visit to my hairdresser about how I need to blow dry. But she’s brilliant and I’d never trade her for someone else. Plus she’s also pro-singleness!


  2. Linda says:

    I’ve tried over the years to wear my hair short but I always wind up looking like Little Orphan Annie simply because I can’t be bothered to see to its care and feeding. Now I either wear it long and twisted up and clippped, or just below my shoulders and twisted up and clipped. I used to get spiral perms – I called the style my wash and wear hair, and I’m seriously condidering going back to it. It’s so easy. Between washes, stick head under water fawcet, towel dry, apply favorite product, run pick thru hair as you run out the door. Why did I stop doing this? Can’t say for sure but the whole pulling it back and jamming in a clip works well, especially if your profession allows you to leeway not to by “styled” and attracting “the one” doesn’t remotely interest you.

  3. Of course short hair can be sexy! I have a friend with a classic Twiggy-style cut who gets stopped on the street all the time.

    My own hair swings between chin-length and several inches past my shoulders. About a year ago, I was seeing a guy who was staunchly anti-bob, anti-pixie, anti-anything-above-the-shoulders. He thought it could only ever be “cute” but never “feminine” or “sexy.” The first time he saw me with my short cut, he told me he thought he’d never say it, but he liked it better short!

  4. AKM says:

    I think short hair is adorable AND it’s practical, so that should be a win-win, right? Wrong…for me, at least. I just do not rock the short hair, sadly. Maybe it’s because I have a chubby face? I don’t know.

    I WAS telling my mom just today, though, that I was about to just chop it all off and I didn’t care a whit about the fallout. 😉

    Now, your hair? (At least the style in your picture on the “About” page.) Fabulous! I wish so much that I could wear mine like that.

    Heck, maybe I’m just being goofy and I CAN look good with it short. Hmm…you’ve given me something to ponder!

  5. penelope says:

    Yes, short can be absolutely sexy. Mia Farrow, Audrey Hepburn, Jean Seberg (pictured above) all sported a pixie, and they were all beautiful. And if you want a modern day example of a sexy lady with a super sexy short hairstyle–Halle Berry!

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