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Happy Singles Day!

Lucky for me, I don’t have to dream it.

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  1. Sabine Kortals says:

    “Recent Pew Research Center data shows that nearly half of U.S. adults are unmarried––and half of that population is not interested in dating. Yet, being in a relationship and, ultimately, a marriage continues to be a societal expectation.

    “The Pew report sheds light on a shifting narrative, said Peter McGraw, a professor of marketing and psychology at the Leeds School of Business. Culture in America is changing, and the data shows people are less dependent upon partnerships than ever before.

    “Still, there remains a social hierarchy based on relationship status…”


    • wendy says:

      The progress is palpable, as I think back to the stigma I experienced for decades. And though the hierarchy still exists, there’s cause for celebration.

  2. Len says:

    Any idea what percentage of the non-dating 25% are also virgins? I ask only for my own self-interest and insecurity. Because sex also continues to be a societal expectation. And the only adult virgins anybody seems to acknowledge are the incels (who admittedly are very loud about it, to put it nicely). Maybe the reason is the rest of us have been made to feel embarrassed to admit our lack of sex—that societal expectation at work.

  3. Claire says:

    Thanks for sharing this article. I’m participating in a working group focused on the final development of the commercial area of a planned development I live in (I live in the one apartment complex located in the center of the development). Some short-sighted attitudes favoring single family housing is on display, despite the consultants explaining that the development needs more residents and visitors to attract and sustain the commercial businesses that current residents want to have in their community. The apartments take up a relatively small footprint while providing more potential customers than same size area with single family… [face palm]

    • wendy says:

      We have such a battle going on in Southern California regarding single-family housing, even though we’re desperate for more units.

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