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Look Up

April 7, 2021

“Wallace Stevens has got nothin’ on this.” Read a profile of Nathaniel Mackey

Carb appeal

April 6, 2021

1930’s photo by François Kollar

Procrastination season

April 5, 2021

It’s the time of year that I’d rather do most anything (even clean out my closet) than begin work on my taxes. I keep meaning to get to it, but end up finding much better things to do. 


Chart by Matt Shirley

End of Week Zen

April 2, 2021

Cherry blossoms in D.C. Something to count on. 

Be brave

April 1, 2021

Illustration by Alessandra Olanow

America on trial

March 31, 2021

Photo by Michael J. Spear – In Minneapolis, from the protests outside the murder trial of Devin Chauvin.

Brave New World

March 30, 2021

This is from a wonderful comic strip by Emily Flake on navigating a post-pandemic future


March 29, 2021

Naturally died Easter eggs. Anyone up for tackling this?


Happy Hour

March 26, 2021

Illustration by Jean Jullien

One of my heroes

March 25, 2021

Here’s a great interview with the legendary choreographer, Twyla Tharp. At 79, she still inspires me.