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Softening the Road Rage

L.A. roads bring out the worst in its residents (guilty). So many people are texting or on their phones and not paying attention (not guilty). You have to always be on the alert. This is true as a pedestrian too. There are a couple of intersections in my neighborhood, where I don’t cross unless I’ve made eye contact with the driver, otherwise they’ll mow you down. I love city life, but this aspect of it is a bummer. If only I could let it roll over me.

Photo from Caroline Caldwell


4 comments for “Softening the Road Rage”

  1. petra says:

    This might be magnified in LA, but I assure you that it’s occurring in Midwestern suburbs as well. When I ride my bike, I am VERY careful, sometimes holding my breath. The bike lanes are ignored by drivers, so I do much less bike commuting than I’d like to. My exercise rides are on dedicated rail trails.

    And, yes, I too have been guilty of yelling at other drivers (from the safe confines of my car, of course). BUT just this morning I realize how much less frequently I resort to this (and no, the drivers haven’t gotten any better). I credit this to my daily Morning Pages habit, along with daily meditation (even though I still have trouble focusing for the entire time). But probably the Morning Pages provide the greater benefit (and I believe it is a form of meditation).

    Still, having been in LA a few times, I do know what you mean (and I have never driven there, nor do I want to!)

    • wendy says:

      I admire people who have the courage to ride their bikes in L.A. It seems so dangerous. Your morning ritual is really great. (note to self)

  2. Len says:

    Er…the last sentence…your choice of words… Careful what you wish for.

    Even in the small town I live in, I never trust other drivers. Especially if I’m on foot.

    • wendy says:

      You’re right. Strange choice of words. Part of the road rage here is because of all the traffic and how long it takes to get anywhere. People are constantly fuming.

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