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Yoga during lockdown

In November 2019, I took my first yoga class and had just a few months with a live teacher before moving online because of Covid. There are ways that I’m getting stronger, but without someone guiding me in person, I’m stuck at poses 2 and 4. Any tips from yoga aficionados are greatly appreciated. 

Illustration by Alessandra Olanow


4 comments for “Yoga during lockdown”

  1. Claire says:

    I used to be an aficionado. But now my back won’t tolerate many of the movements (learn from me: spine bends and twist really aren’t your friend). You’re doing better than me at your exercise routine. All I do now is walk the dog and take tennis lesson once a week. I bought a kettle bell to try to do some weight training I did pre-covid with trainer but so far it’s served as a doorstop!

    • wendy says:

      For how long did you do yoga?

      • Claire says:

        Off and on, some periods very regularly, for about 15 years I guess. The upside is I learned to pay attention to my body and feel where I was in space and to notice small adjustments, which all made physical therapy more productive for me (when I finally found someone who truly understood scoliosis). I know you are a ballet aficionado. I’ve always wanted to learn but never found an adult class I could attend. I found some good videos on youtube this year but had trouble sticking to it.

        • wendy says:

          I started yoga last year because of a friend (and former film colleague) who became a yoga teacher. She’s such a great teacher, and I loved it right away. The online classes pale by comparison, but I stick with it because exercising has kept me sane during the pandemic.

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