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Low on patience

Illustration by Michelle Rial


6 comments for “Low on patience”

  1. Lauren Anne Nastachowski says:

    I’m back to work tonight after a 10 day vacation. I’ve had a very short fuse patients and their families. To be clear, these are people who are coming to the emergency department with mild symptoms of cough, sinus pressure, sore throat, runny noses, etc. Does anyone else feel like people are getting dumber? Common sense has become non-existent during this pandemic. Is anyone else experiencing Covid Rage? (I think there was a NY Magazine article about that!) I love being a nurse. I love taking care of my SICK people. I’m not leaving healthcare anytime soon. But yes Wendy…wasn’t this supposed to have passed by now?!?! I don’t want to start a Covid Comment Battle. Thanks for checking in with us.


  2. Claire says:

    I am sorry people are making your job needlessly difficult. I’ve been so upset people aren’t taking more seriously the toll this pandemic is taking on hospitals and all the people there who take care of us when we need it. It feels so disrespectful and selfish. Thank you for what you do.

  3. Lauren Anne says:

    You are very welcome. But Wendy, thank you for what you do. Because of you I am able to stay strong and focused (SANE!). Your website is the first visit I make online each day and it brings me such joy!

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