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Overcast Blues

These last few days in L.A., we’ve been experiencing what Angelenos call “May Gray.” We get so petulant about overcast weather in this region of near unending sunshine. After 20 years of living in foggy San Francisco, I covet blue skies. I find the Spring grayness is putting a drag to my step. How does weather impact your mood?

Painting by Heidi Annalise 


12 comments for “Overcast Blues”

  1. Jules says:

    I’m the opposite. After living in LA for 30 years. the blue skies feel relentless. I welcome May Gray and June Gloom. Maybe if the blue skies had more variation but they generally don’t. Winter is actually my favorite season here. I find the light striking and love the occasional rain.

  2. Jess says:

    I love thunderstorms – possibly my favorite type of weather! Something about the lightning, dark skies, and the scent of ozone in the air is energizing. But plain old gray skies do seem to take the pep out of my step, and after a couple days of that I find myself hoping for sunshine. But mostly I enjoy the variety – and fortunately in Austin we have quite a bit of that.

  3. Claire says:

    I’m affected by the light. If there’s sun – the temperature be it hot or cold doesn’t really affect me. I worked in basement with no windows for three years and it was very difficult. I’m so grateful now for natural light all day. Like Jess I like thunderstorms and variety of seasons and weather too. But too many days in a row of gray weather puts a big damper on my mood. It’s also hard to work now when the weather has been glorious recently: sunny and 70 with a little breeze and low humidity. Leaving the office at lunch on these days makes it way to hard to return!

    • wendy says:

      I imagine it must’ve been difficult working in a basement with no windows. I, too, crave natural light.

  4. Petra says:

    I like change–we have had so much rain and so many gray/overcast/rainy days in the past couple of weeks that the sunny Sunday and Wednesday were delights. But I also relish the rain and clouds when there are weeks of unbroken sunshine.

    Like Jess and Claire, I do like thunderstorms, especially the ones that DON’T send me to an interior room! But where I now live, I have a great view for lightning watching, possibly my favorite part of storms. So beautiful in spite of the dangers.

    That said, it’s time for some real sunshine. I’m ready to plant some herbs, but the regular deluges are putting the kibosh on that.

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