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Pretend Summer Vacation

Yesterday, I whined about all the exotic vacation photos dominating my Facebook feed. So today, I’ve decided to post this lush painting by Ieva Baklane. And right this minute, I’m visualizing myself lounging in one of those cool, mid-century looking seats by the pool, sipping a frosty Marguerita. What, if any, are your summer vacation plans?


4 comments for “Pretend Summer Vacation”

  1. Anne says:

    Scandinavia – leaving in 11 days. My first solo trip, although a part of the time I will be with a small tour group. I am beyond excited, and the nerves have all worn off. I know I can figure out anything life throws at me at this point (I am 51), so why not venture out and explore the world, travel partner or not! Wouldn’t you know, but after 10 years without even a semi-significant other, I just ended up meeting someone who is becoming pretty special(on match), and who found my independent nature appealing. The trip is still going to be solo, but someone will be waiting for my stories when I get back.

  2. Jess says:

    Anne – what a wonderful story!

    Wendy – I’m with you on the vacation envy. I’ve been trying to embrace the “staycation” and do some new things around my city. It’s been pretty nice, actually – a morning spent outside with a book, listening to new music at home and giving myself a manicure… little things. But I wouldn’t mind a European adventure.

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